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Roadmapping is one of the most crucial tasks typically managed by Product Managers. 

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In general: absolutely, yes. Showing customers what's next in the product will increase engagement and can connect to leads/prospects for new deals. Showing a roadmap has a use case for both, installed base and sales.

The difficulty is rather how... (More)

Kent J McDonald
Product Manager & Writer

Only if you’re willing to meet the promises you are explicitly (or implicitly) making by doing so.

Even if you intend for the roadmap to be informational only and your best guess, it’s fair to say that your customers are... (More)

Ant Murphy
Product Coach and Consultant | Occasional Cat Herder 🐈

For starters, your product strategy and roadmap should align to a higher goal - typically the company's strategy and objectives.

You can win a lot of buy-in by simply being clear on how your strategy/roadmap aligns and directly contributes to... (More)

Ant Murphy
Product Coach and Consultant | Occasional Cat Herder 🐈

This is more of a brand strategy/customer engagement questions to me - do you want to be transparent and be public with your roadmap? Does that align to your brand traits/customer engagement or even company strategy?

The reason why I... (More)