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Only to add one more to this list of great books:

”Escaping the build trap” by Melissa Perry

Ant Murphy
Product Coach and Consultant | Occasional Cat Herder 🐈

Top book (this will seem like a strange one) but it was 'Range178' by David Epstein. A book about "how generalists triumph in a specialized world" an amazing book it really taught me why generalists make better Product... (More)136

Amber Britton
Senior Product Manager

You might not know. Not really. Imposter syndrome in the PM world is a big challenge. I have it myself but a birds-eye view tells me I have done a really good job for the most part.

Treat yourself like... (More)

The "Blue Ocean Strategy" is essential to understand the main reasons of a product of sucess. 

However, the most complete book on Product Management are:


The Product Manager's Survival GuideSteven Haines2019
Mastering Product ManagementKevin Bremman2019
Product Management for DummiesBrian Lawley, Pamela Schure2017
The Product Manager's Desk ReferenceSteven Haines2014
The Product Manager's HandbookLinda Gorchels2012
Product ManagementLehman, Winer2005
The Product Manager's Field GuideLinda Gorchels2003