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We have a feature request from sales that has been around for about 2-3 years, but has never been well received by our stakeholders. There is more pressure in the past month to implement this and I'm trying to figure out why we should do this. I've been trying to get our stakeholders to think of the product roadmaps as goals/objectives the teams should try to accomplish but I'm having trouble with this one. When I try to talk through the "why" with the stakeholders, the answer is because we need it to overcome sales objections. Any tips for how I can think of these sorts of requests as goals and bring the stakeholders along with me?

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Romain Fleury
Product Release Analyst

Hi Paul,

Do you have a board or posting with votes for the feature request? Is it a feature for a client or a small group of clients that other clients can use or the feature has to grow and expand so more clients can use it? Depending on the sector, is it a feature that could be a Beta or in an Early Adopter program? If there are a couple of clients interested already, show your stakeholders the equivalent number in sales or recurring revenue for this group of clients.

Can you quantify the lost sales associated with not having this feature? Nothing motivates like numbers.

Does the request differentiate you or is it a market expectation that you should have it? 

While the reasons for stakeholders being resistant on that feature remain unclear in your description (probably for a good reason) the most obvious choices are the following:

  1. Associate the financial benefit to that feature. E.g. by sales committing leads/deals or $$ market potential
  2. Skip sales and run feature voting directly with users/customers. Only IDed users can vote, this builds an audience for that feature which can be addressed. With that audience it will be easier to understand the benefit of the feature and get stakeholders involved.

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