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Paul McAvinchey
Co-founder of Product Collective
Asked a question last year

How do you communicate product updates to Go To Market teams?

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Amber Britton
Senior Product Manager

To start - remember that no matter what you do, it won't be enough. Someone will still complain that you didn't send smoke signals as a communication method. 

Speaking from a B2B context, I have found success with communicating in the following ways:

  • Slack - as soon as features launch (or a heads up a week or so out) posting a nice update in a product channel. Make sure to mention and thank the team that made it happen because we, as PM's, don't actually build anything ;)
  • Monthly meetings - in a monthly sales or customer success meeting, communicate all of the product updates that have launched or are launching before the next meeting. Make them feel prepared for inevitable questions. Demo it! List who they should contact with questions or articles that can help them if they get stuck. Record the meeting and share it! 
  • Email newsletter - after the said monthly meeting, send out a monthly newsletter with a roundup of everything that was discussed. Include a link to the recorded meeting as well. This helps those that couldn't attend the meeting. 
  • Monthly product training - Ensure you have a dedicated monthly meeting to train the GTM teams on the newly launched, or launching, features. Again, make them feel comfortable. Be sure they are engaged. +1 if you have a dedicated Product Trainer.
  • Product Marketing docs - working with your product marketing teams, ensure they have everything they need to create the necessary collateral. They'll likely create one-pagers, slides, and other imagery that GTM teams can use to promote the new features.

These few bullets tend to cover most of your bases but there's always room for improvement. 

Ant Murphy
Product Coach and Consultant | Occasional Cat Herder 🐈

My mantra for communication is always "if you don't feel like a broken record, you probably haven't communicated it enough!"

Thus I typically communicate things via multiple channels:

  • Regular Meetings - either daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly depending on speed at which we're moving. For example my typical go-to is fortnightly however there will be time where monthly might make more sense, and when we're heading up to a big launch or release I'll typically move that cadence up to even daily.
  • Slack messages
  • Docs
  • Email even at times for long-form
  • Training workshops/material
  • Videos - I really like to do use both written and video content as different people like to consume content differently. Some find the video and visuals easier to follow, others like to sit down and read. For videos I either use screen recording on my mac but I've also started using Loom.126
  • Monthly newsletters - I'm actually a big fan of this one and love giving general updates from across the product group/org to everyone in the company.
  • Product demos - typically fortnightly or monthly. We'll demonstrate what we've achieved and discuss what we plan to do next to anyone whos interested. I typically try to ensure the right people attend, such as GTM. However on top of this open forum I still do targeted product demos where necessary - like getting all the sales staff across a new product.

However, the one which I find the most impactful is to have regular meetings with them. 

The idea of these regular meetings should be that it's a two-way street. I'll share what's happening on the product side, what's next on the roadmap and they also share their work and what is happening in their worlds. The last thing you want is a marketing campaign going out at the wrong time or with the wrong messaging. These regular meetings are designed to catch these things and synchronize.